Plan a Company Brewery Tour

Your coworkers need an evening out. Just look at them, sharing blankly at company screens and counting the days until the wild holiday party. Give them an evening out that includes transportation and so much more!

  • Beer samples at 3 breweries
  • Fun team building activities at each stop
  • Detour for an iconic group photo


“We were looking for something different to do as a corporate team event. Someone recommended a brewery tour and we found Porter Tours. Everything from coordinating the event with Andy to the actual day of the event was very smooth. They were very accommodating and flexible. We had a great time and I recommend them if you are looking for a fun event with minimal effort to plan!”

Tricia Floris, KPMG


"Porter Tours went above and beyond to create a fun, unique evening for our out-of-town and local guests. We highly recommend contacting Porter Tours for your next corporate or private event."

N. Kupchick & J. Wright, Clean Air Engineering

Benefits of Company Culture

Several times each year the Harvard Business Review publishes a study or story about the benefits of creating a positive company culture and work environment. They talk about things like recruiting and retention and collaboration. They cite innovative companies like Google and Pixar and maybe your company.

If you're not on the list, join it by creating an environment where people can talk and play and share some local craft beer with each other. Okay, this theory has not been adopted by the HBR yet, but we are certain that brewery tours will be the next big thing in corporate events. Be ahead of the curve by planning your company outing (or happy hour) this year!

Packages start at less than $1,000 but can you really put a price a culture?

Sample Happy Hour

5:00pm - Close computers and board the bus
5:15pm - Arrive at 1st brewery + beer samples
5:20pm - Vent for a few minutes about customers
5:30pm - More samples
5:45pm - Game: "2 Truths & 1 Lie"
6:00pm - Leave brewery
6:15pm - Arrive at 2nd brewery
6:30pm - Game: "House of Cards"
6:45pm - Leave brewery + photo stop
7:15pm - Arrive at 3rd brewery
7:30pm - Game: "Beer Telephone"
7:45pm - "Last call!"
8:00ish - Send team home to get some rest

Pittsburgh beer tour
Pittsburgh brewery tour bus