Pittsburgh's beer scene is booming and growing larger each month as new breweries bless new neighborhoods and boroughs. This article highlights the best in the city with reviews from tour guides, our favorite drafts and tips on how to visit each one.

Notice that most breweries on the list have information that will help with your visit, like Website links and directions - click on the Location link. 

This is a great time to explore our craft breweries. Just ask, well, anybody.  The photo  is from the cover of Beer Advocate, an international beer magazine. They featured Draai Laag on the cover in 2016. But Draai Laag isn't the only brewery in Pittsburgh that's making noise around the city and country. Here are some incredible breweries that make our city a great place for brew taste testing.

28 Rust Belt Corridor

The 28 Rust Belt Corridor is a string of historically industrious boroughs and neighborhoods that follow Route 28 along the Allegheny River. These river towns were producers, long considered the backbone of the American economy. While some of the factories have left, the attitude remains. And now they produce some of the best craft beer in the Commonwealth.

South Hills

Beechview, Beltzhoover, Bon Air, Brookline... and those are just the B-boroughs. These South Hills communities, almost too many to name, are predominantly residential. Part of the magnificence of the craft beer movement is accessibility: a neighborhood brewery that serves and supports its neighbors. A few great new breweries answered the call in Pittsburgh's South Hills. 

Our Favorites:

  • Hitchhiker
  • Spoonwood
  • Mindful
South Hills Breweries Pittsburgh

Dancing Gnome

Pittsburgh brewery tour

Dancing Gnome is one of the newest breweries in town. Opened in October 2016. Guys with a West Coast skater vibe and they brew hoppy West Coast skater beer. They usually have one dark beer on tap for people who don’t love hops. They are in the up-and-coming neighborhood of Sharpsburg.

Our Guide Says:

Dancing Gnome has everything you want in a bar -- incredible beers to choose from; super chill, yet attentive bartenders; a clean, beautifully designed space; and zero pretentiousness. It's definitely a hidden gem in Sharpsburg and Greater Pittsburgh. 

Couch Brewery

  • Neighborhood: Larimer
  • Flagship Beer: Love Seat IPA
  • Our Favorite: Raspberry Duvet
  • Website
Couch Brewery in Pittsburgh

Couch Brewery is located on Washington Blvd in a former Cross Fit gym. The owners did all of the remodeling themselves, which included pouring thousands of pounds of concrete by hand. Just think about that as you enjoy beer on one of their comfy couches. 

Our Guide Says:

Couch Brewing really does feel like home. The staff is as friendly and welcoming and the decor. If you're looking for your "Cheers," this is it. 

Grist House

Grist House Brewery in Millvale

Grist House is located in an old meat packing plant that closed in the 70s. Two brothers-in-law bought the building and opened their brewery in 2014. Keep an eye for the old meat hook that is on a crane system. It's a 15-barrel system that produces about 1500 barrels a year. A new outdoor bar is scheduled to open this summer to increase their capacity.

Full Pint

  • Neighborhood: Lawrenceville & Versailles
  • House Specials: White Lightening & Chinookie
  • Our Favorite: T-Funk sour with spices and black tea
  • Website
Full Pint brewery in Lawrenceville

Full Pint has the most diverse tap list. Probably 12 different taps so there’s something for everyone. They actually brew outside of the city but their brew pub is in Lawrenceville.

Our Guide Says:

A trip to Full Pint is like hitting up your two favorite places at once. The bar side with all its amazing unique drafts, and the dining side with the great snacks and space to relax. Full Pint's fun, funky character is evident throughout which always makes for a great time.

East End Brewing Company

East End Brewing in Larimer

East End is one of the Pittsburgh staples. Really passionate following and they tend to serve a tried-and-true tap list of beers that have been perfected over the years. They have a brew pub in the Strip but we are visiting their main location in Larimer.

Our Guide Says:

East End has been at it a while, and the lessons they've learned along the way are evident in their beers. A wide variety of deliciousness, plus a huge indoor/outdoor space to enjoy it in. East End is a tried-and-true favorite.

Draai Laag

Draai Laag Brewery in Millvale

The most unique brewery in Pittsburgh and the most internationally celebrated. Wild open-air fermentation produces a tart, earthy flavor. One of the yeast strains was "captured" from a 17th-century French armoire that was in a monestary. Sure enough the monks brewed beer so it had active yeast in it. The beer style is closer to a sour/tart sparkling wine than most traditional beer types.

Hop Farm

Hop Farm Brewery in Lawrenceville

Local hops and organic ingredients. Owned by a husband and wife that are known for making simple yet excellent beer. Notice the hop vines growing on the side of the building (for display only).