Let’s kick things off by introducing our friends at Couch Brewery.

Located in the Larimer neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Couch Brewery has been a Porter Tours stop since they opened in April 2017.
Cary and Darren (and their third partner, Mike) have been lifelong home brewers who took their passion from hobby to full-scale production. They are Veteran owned and always down to chat + give advice to folks getting into the brewery scene.


 Yes, it gives us a chuckle. Yes, it’s true.
Couch Brewery has several beers NAMED AFTER different styles of couches. It’s comfortable, cute and easy to distinguish amongst their fellow Pittsburgh breweries. For example, you might come in and try the Plush (pale ale) or the Recliner (oatmeal stout) or even the Ottoman Empire (double IPA).
You might have yourself a Loveseat (east coast IPA) and take a growler to go.
Who knows? You could arrive with Porter Tours and fall in love with the Shag (American blonde ale). Amazing.


Several years ago, I visited Mike and Cary – now, my Couch Brewery partners. They were home brewing. I had home brewed before so I was ready for what they had to offer. They gave me the very first version of what is now our Raspberry Duvet.
It was so good, I didn’t even finish it. I thought, let’s launch a business.
– Darren, Couch Brewery

Originally, there were four of us who partnered up to start the brewery: Darren, myself (Cary), Mike and Barry.
Barry was the type of guy who would really take his time on making a big decision. We were on vacation together in the Cayman Islands when we told him about our idea. We wanted to start a brewery.
Barry smoked a cigarette. And then decided. He was in. Quickest decision he ever made. That was in September 2014.
Tragically, in March of 2015, Barry and his wife were killed in a car accident.
We had to regroup. We were shaken. We found ourselves thinking: ‘What would Barry want us to do?’
Well, we decided to continue. And here we are today.
– Cary, Couch Brewery


When we came up with the name Couch Brewery, we looked at a lot of other breweries. One thing we noticed was they have a lot of hard surfaces. We wanted a place for folks to sit for hours. We thought: ‘Where are you most relaxed and at ease?’ …
On a soft COUCH!
And hell, why not have a beer while you’re relaxing on that couch.


Although we are very serious about our beer and our business, we want you to have fun and be comfortable.
Yes, we have board games.
Yes, we actually have couches.
Yes, we host Bingo Night.
Yes, we book food trucks.
Yes, we can be reserved for private parties.
At the end of the day, we just want folks to drink comfortably.
– Darren, Couch Brewery

Taking brewing from a hobby and scaling it up to actual production is a learning process. To be honest, we’re coming up on our one year and it’s only gotten easier here in the last two months.
We’re at a point where things are starting to feel normal. There’s always unexpected stuff that happens. But we’re learning for sure.
– Cary, Couch Brewery
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